Broken Heat Pumps

Is your heat pump not working correctly?

If you find your heating and cooling system not working correctly you might need a heat pump repair service call performed.  There is no need to stress if you find yourself in this situation.  All HVAC companies will offer to have a AC service contractor to come to your house and take a look.  Many times the contractor will be able to fix the issue but sometimes the entire HVAC unit will need to be replaced.  Much of this is determined by what is wrong and how old your heating and air system is.

There is one thing you should do before you contact an HVAC contractor though.  You should check and see if your heat pump is still under warranty or not.  If your air conditioning and heating unit is still under warranty then it is best to contact the company you bought it from.  They will have to fix it free of charge.

Your Heating And Cooling System

Do you know when it is time for a new HVAC system?

If you have constant problems with your heating and cooling then you might need a new HVAC system installed.  A good sign of this is when your air conditioner or heating system cannot produce your desired temperature.  If your system constantly struggles to reach the temperature of your desire this is a good sign that something is broken.  It is wise to have a HVAC contractor to come and take a look at it before you start replacing your system.

Sometimes a HVAC service call can prove to pay off.  Many times the contractor can find the problem and come up with a solution to fix it.  If the HVAC contractor can fix the problem this will save you tons of money.  On the other hand, if the contractor comes across multiple problems then it might be best to go ahead and replace the system.

Rooftop Views!

Have you noticed all the roofing renovations in downtown Wilmington, NC?


If you take a ride downtown you will notice tons of roofing Wilmington NC projects taking place.  Many old restaurants are building new rooftop lounges to their business.  Rooftop lounges tend to draw more people to a business.  Why not enjoy a nice meal sitting in a cool breeze coming off of the ocean!  This is an activity that many people choose to partake in for relaxation.  So if you own a restaurant, why wouldn’t you invest in adding a rooftop lounge area?  More people means bigger profits!

For these reasons you see so many roofing projects taking place in downtown Wilmington, NC.  Many people including myself are grateful for the rooftop projects.  The more rooftop lounges…the more places to have happy hour enjoying the sunset.  This makes living in the Wilmington area just that much better than anywhere else in the  country.