Summer Time And Air Conditioning

The need for air conditioning in 2017 is greater than previous years

The need for air conditioning Wilmington NC has been greater this year than previous years.  This summer has been one of the hottest and humid summers in the last decade.  There is no escaping the heat unless you are inside somewhere that has a AC unit in it.  The heat is so intense this year that a fan will not cool you off.  Wherever you go to seek comfort must have an amazing HVAC system in place in order to cool off.

Years before people would flock to the beach and jump in the cool ocean water to cool off.  That has changed this year due to the recent shark attacks.  Now tourists are seeking local business especially restaurants to hang out in to keep cool.  If you are a restaurant owner, having a working air conditioning unit is a must this summer!

When Your Home Has No Heat

What do you do if your heating system needs repair work?

Every homeowner is going to need heating repair Wilmington NC work done eventually.  This is something that cannot be avoided unfortunately.  No matter how great of an HVAC system you have installed you can’t avoid parts breaking.  Sometimes the parts don’t break, they just simply wear out after time.  This doesn’t mean you have a bad heating and air system, it just means it has been worked to it’s limit.  No matter how good a working part is, it will eventually meet its capacity and quit working.

If you do find your heating system not working correctly or at all the fix is simple.  You just need to contact  an air conditioning and heating repair company.  You might find this listed under HVAC companies online or in the yellow pages.  Most heating companies offer routine service calls as well.

Problem With Your Heat Pump

Does your heat pump need some repair work?

If your heat pump is not producing enough cool air you might need a heat pump repair Wilmington NC company to take a look.  Often times there is not a major problem with your cooling system.  Sometimes it is nothing more than too much dust collected in the airs duct.  This is the case many times when your heat pump is working but the the cool air is barely coming out of the vents.

Now, if your heat pump simply is not turning on when you need it to this is a different problem.  This is a good indication that something is broken in your HVAC system.  In this situation it is best to contact a heat pump or cooling company.  You can try and figure it out yourself but you could actually end up causing more damage.  Just contact an HVAC service company and stress no more.