Your Heating And Cooling System

Do you know when it is time for a new HVAC system?

If you have constant problems with your heating and cooling then you might need a new HVAC system installed.  A good sign of this is when your air conditioner or heating system cannot produce your desired temperature.  If your system constantly struggles to reach the temperature of your desire this is a good sign that something is broken.  It is wise to have a HVAC contractor to come and take a look at it before you start replacing your system.

Sometimes a HVAC service call can prove to pay off.  Many times the contractor can find the problem and come up with a solution to fix it.  If the HVAC contractor can fix the problem this will save you tons of money.  On the other hand, if the contractor comes across multiple problems then it might be best to go ahead and replace the system.

Rooftop Views!

Have you noticed all the roofing renovations in downtown Wilmington, NC?


If you take a ride downtown you will notice tons of roofing Wilmington NC projects taking place.  Many old restaurants are building new rooftop lounges to their business.  Rooftop lounges tend to draw more people to a business.  Why not enjoy a nice meal sitting in a cool breeze coming off of the ocean!  This is an activity that many people choose to partake in for relaxation.  So if you own a restaurant, why wouldn’t you invest in adding a rooftop lounge area?  More people means bigger profits!

For these reasons you see so many roofing projects taking place in downtown Wilmington, NC.  Many people including myself are grateful for the rooftop projects.  The more rooftop lounges…the more places to have happy hour enjoying the sunset.  This makes living in the Wilmington area just that much better than anywhere else in the  country.


Summer Time And Air Conditioning

The need for air conditioning in 2017 is greater than previous years

The need for air conditioning Wilmington NC has been greater this year than previous years.  This summer has been one of the hottest and humid summers in the last decade.  There is no escaping the heat unless you are inside somewhere that has a AC unit in it.  The heat is so intense this year that a fan will not cool you off.  Wherever you go to seek comfort must have an amazing HVAC system in place in order to cool off.

Years before people would flock to the beach and jump in the cool ocean water to cool off.  That has changed this year due to the recent shark attacks.  Now tourists are seeking local business especially restaurants to hang out in to keep cool.  If you are a restaurant owner, having a working air conditioning unit is a must this summer!

When Your Home Has No Heat

What do you do if your heating system needs repair work?

Every homeowner is going to need heating repair Wilmington NC work done eventually.  This is something that cannot be avoided unfortunately.  No matter how great of an HVAC system you have installed you can’t avoid parts breaking.  Sometimes the parts don’t break, they just simply wear out after time.  This doesn’t mean you have a bad heating and air system, it just means it has been worked to it’s limit.  No matter how good a working part is, it will eventually meet its capacity and quit working.

If you do find your heating system not working correctly or at all the fix is simple.  You just need to contact  an air conditioning and heating repair company.  You might find this listed under HVAC companies online or in the yellow pages.  Most heating companies offer routine service calls as well.

Problem With Your Heat Pump

Does your heat pump need some repair work?

If your heat pump is not producing enough cool air you might need a heat pump repair Wilmington NC company to take a look.  Often times there is not a major problem with your cooling system.  Sometimes it is nothing more than too much dust collected in the airs duct.  This is the case many times when your heat pump is working but the the cool air is barely coming out of the vents.

Now, if your heat pump simply is not turning on when you need it to this is a different problem.  This is a good indication that something is broken in your HVAC system.  In this situation it is best to contact a heat pump or cooling company.  You can try and figure it out yourself but you could actually end up causing more damage.  Just contact an HVAC service company and stress no more.

Home Repairs

Is your house in need of renovations or repairs?

If you plan on renovating or doing repairs on your home then look us up at  No matter what your plans are for making your home look better or feel more comfortable we have got you covered.  We truly understand how important it is to have a place that truly feels like home.

Our staff is completely qualified to perform all aspects in a home makeover.  We do house renovations, kitchen renovations, HVAC reapair, AC repair, heat pump repair and this is just to name a few.  ECSi is able to perform all jobs that is required to ensure the comfort and beauty of your home.

If something is broken or you simply just don’t like the way your home currently looks don’t worry.  All you have to do is give us a visit and we will get started on your new home today!

House Renovation

Do you repair your HVAC system when renovating?

Performing HVAC repair Wilmington NC is very important to do when renovating your home.  This is a step that many people choose not to do.  Many simply just do not understand how important this step is to the renovation process.  Your heat and cool air have to run through air ducts which are located both in your ceiling as well as the floor.

If you are renovating and you fail to check the path of your heating and cooling airflow then you are making a huge mistake.  Because if something is wrong with your HVAC system or your air ducts you have a problem.  If you do not figure this out until the renovation is finished guess what happens.  You will get to either rip of the floor or have to tear into your ceiling to fix the problem.  You can avoid this by checking your system while renovating.


Customer Service

The #1 reason customer service is a must for an HVAC company

If you own a heating and cooling company the kind of customer HVAC service Wilmington NC you offer is very important.  You truly want to take care of your customers.  If you do not have a good customer service system in place you will never get repeat business.  Not only will your customers never choose you again, they will not refer you to anyone else.  Referrals is literally the best type of marketing you can have.

You cannot only focus on customer service in the office though.  It is crucial that all of your technicians or contractors practice ultimate customer service.  they are the one dealing with your customers hands on.  Not every customer is going to be happy so your employees need to understand this.  They also need to know how to calm an upset customer down and handle the situation properly.


Moving An HVAC Unit

Do you know how remove parts of an HVAC unit?

When moving an HVAC unit you must know how to remove the HVAC parts Wilmington NC correctly.  If you do not know remove the parts correctly you run high risk of destroying then entire unit.  If you destroy the entire unit the odds of fixing it are not very good.  You will most likely have to invest in a brand new heating and cooling system which is not cheap.

If you are able to remove the parts successfully you then must be able to put them back correctly.  To do the this you first have to remember where they go.  Now that is only part of the requirement, you need to have some knowledge of how each part works.  Once the parts are back in correctly you need to test the HVAC unit to make sure everything is working correctly.

Maintaining A Comfortable Home

Do you know the importance of heating and air in your home?

Maintaining the flow of heating and air Wilmington NC is very crucial to the comfort of your home.  You must have complete control of the amount of heat and cool air that leaves and enters your home.  Not having control of the airflow into your house means that you may have a significant problem on your hands.  With not being able to control the hot and cool air it will almost be impossible to live comfortably.

There are many test that you can perform on your HVAC unit to see how the air is flowing through the air ducts of your home.  But in order for these test to be effective you must really know what your are doing.  If you do not have the knowledge of a heating and cooling system if might be best that you contact your local HVAC company.